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Sheet Molding Compound

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SCPC manufactures Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC) that is primarily used in compression molding. SCPC offers SMC's that are suitable for molding a wide range of parts from very small to very large, from flat panel to very complex shapes. Through our Engineered Solutions, SMC's are tailored to specific customer needs providing part performance as well as manufacturing efficiency. The pliable sheet allows enough body for handing and cutting but enough rigidity for manual charge building or automation.

The SMC manufacturing process allows glass percentages from 15% to 65% to be incorporated onto the matrix. The glass length can also be increased up to 2". SMC also offers the possibility of continuous strand or matte. SMC's come in a wide range of colors and can often be color matched. SMC's have excellent physical, thermal, flame and chemical resistance properties.

Product Model

  • SCPC-145: General purpose SMC for electrical applications especially lamp housings
  • SCPC-254: General purpose material for housings, covers and functional components
  • SCPC-312: Material including a germ killer used in sanitary and health care applications
  • SCPC-323: Product for sanitary applications, for instance sink, shower tray or bath tube
  • SCPC-402: Product with increased hydrolysis resistance. Typical applications, sectional water tanks